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Fig. 3

From: The effect of biologging systems on reproduction, growth and survival of adult sea turtles

Fig. 3

Effects on reproduction within females. Differences in mean clutch size (a), estimated clutch frequency (ECF, b), remigration interval (RI, c), date of first nest (d.o.y: day of the year, d), seasonal reproductive output (SRO, e) and annual reproductive output (ARO, f) between pre- and post-tracking years for the different groups and species. Pre-tracking years include all years including year of device attachment. Observed difference in mean clutch size (‘attachment base only’ group for green turtles and pooled group for loggerhead turtles), date of first nest (for all groups) and seasonal reproductive output (‘attachment base only’ for green turtles) between pre- and post-tracking years for particular groups were due to annual effects rather than device attachment (see Table 5). Mean ± SE

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