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Table 1 Criteria for division of samples from red admirals into different classes based on the abdominal lipid content. Proportion and number of individuals assigned to each class in the two years of the study is also presented. Images of one example from each class is presented as Fig. 2

From: Geographic origin and migration phenology of European red admirals (Vanessa atalanta) as revealed by stable isotopes

Fat Class Criteria for inclusion % of total (N)
2004 2005
0 Abdominal compartment completely emptied of lipid 9% (11) 9% (8)
1 Large cavity in the abdominal lipid reserve 32% (38) 10% (9)
2 Small cavity in the abdominal lipid reserve 24% (28) 10% (9)
3 No visible cavity in lipid reserve, abdomen of normal size 31% (37) 25% (23)
4 Abdomen larger than normal because of substantial amounts of lipid, but not completely filled 1% (1) 17% (15)
5 Abdomen much larger than normal and completely filled with lipid 3% (3) 29% (26)