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Table 2 Names of hypotheses and variables included for each hypothesis used to explain the probability from stopover sites by autumn-migrating dabbling ducks from 1995 to 2009. Predicted direction of effect included in parentheses

From: The effect of weather on the decision to migrate from stopover sites by autumn-migrating ducks

Hypothesis Name Variables Included
WINDSALOFTINDEX Winds aloft index (+)
PRECIPINDEX Precipitation index (−)
CLOUDCOVER Cloud cover (−)
CLOUDCOVERINDEX Cloud cover index (+)
CLOUDHEIGHTINDEX Cloud height index (+)
TEMPERATURE Temperature (−)
MEANDAILYTEMPCHG24HR Difference in daily mean temperature (−)
DAILYMINT Minimum daily temperature (−)
PRESSURE Barometric pressure at dusk (+)
PRESSURECHANGE Change in barometric pressure (+)
HABITAT Foraging habitat index (−)
ORIENTATION Cloud height index (+), Cloud cover (−)
THERMAL Temperature (−), Difference in daily mean temperature (−), Surface wind speed (+)
INTEGRATED Winds aloft index (+), Precipitation index (−), Cloud cover index (+)
DATE Julian date (+)
Null Intercept only