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Table 3 Swimming speed of white whales equipped with satellite transmitters in Svalbard, Norway, as a function of habitat class and time period

From: Habitats and movement patterns of white whales Delphinapterus leucas in Svalbard, Norway in a changing climate

Model parameter(s) Value Std error P value
(Intercept) −7.50E-01 5.30E-02 0.00E + 00
habitatCoastal 2.80E-01 2.55E-02 0.00E + 00
habitatFjords 3.00E-01 4.17E-02 0.00E + 00
habitatAt-sea 3.50E-01 3.21E-02 0.00E + 00
period2013–2016 −3.40E-01 7.47E-02 0.00E + 00
period2013–2016: habitatCoastal −2.00E-03 3.26E-02 9.41E-01
period2013–2016: habitatFjords −9.70E-02 4.83E-02 4.46E-02
period2013–2016: habitatAt-sea 4.20E-02 4.35E-02 3.27E-01
  1. Results of generalized linear mixed effects models showing the effect of habitat class and period on the swimming speed of white whales in Svalbard, Norway