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Fig. 1

From: Ten grams and 13,000 km on the wing – route choice in willow warblers Phylloscopus trochilus yakutensis migrating from Far East Russia to East Africa

Fig. 1

a Autumn migration routes and stopover sites of three willow warbler males (color coded) tracked by GLS loggers from northeast Russia to southeast Africa in 2016–2017. The autumnal equinox period (2 weeks before and after 23 September), is indicated as a broken line for each track. Map is in Mercator projection with 15° grid. b Autumn movements in relation to longitude as recorded by GLS for three male willow warblers migrating from Far East Russia to sub-Saharan East Africa. Indicated are departure from the breeding area (circles) and stopover sites and wintering areas (lower panel) including duration of the stops (horizontal lines). The autumnal equinox period is illustrated as shaded area. A short stop lasting 4 days for Z708 is marked with an arrow

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