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Fig. 3

From: Feasibility of sun and magnetic compass mechanisms in avian long-distance migration

Fig. 3

Simulated autumn and spring migration routes of three populations of songbirds. Migration routes for populations of northern wheatears migrating from Greenland to their wintering areas in western Africa, and pied flycatchers and willow warblers, migrating from northern Scandinavia to their wintering areas in western and eastern Africa, respectively. Autumn migration routes were simulated with 1 Aug 2010 as initial departure date, spring migration routes with 1 April 2011 as departure date. Illustrated are the rhumbline routes (black), time-compensated sunset compass routes (green), fixed (menotactic) sunset compass routes (blue), fixed (menotactic) magnetic compass routes (red), and magnetoclinic compass routes (orange). The exact great circle routes (dark grey dashed) are shown for comparison. Initial departure locations are indicated as black triangles and destinations as black dots. All maps are in Mercator projection. See Table 1 for details

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