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Fig. 3

From: Summer at the beach: spatio-temporal patterns of white shark occurrence along the inshore areas of False Bay, South Africa

Fig. 3

Map of model predictions for the number of visits to a single receiver at midday (13h00) in 2005, across False Bay, South Africa. These values of time and year were chosen for illustration. Predictions extend 8% of the range of the data in both directions (longitude and latitude) to avoid predicting too far from the observations. The sites are marked on the map as squares and labeled as follows: RK Rooikrans, PP Partridge Point, ST Simonstown, FH Fish Hoek, KLB Kalk Bay, MSZ Muizenberg, SFB Strandfontein, MI Macassar, GB Gordons Bay, KB Koeel Bay, PB Pringle Bay and HK Cape Hangklip

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