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Fig. 3

From: Population-level plasticity in foraging behavior of western gulls (Larus occidentalis)

Fig. 3

Foraging activity in relation to the mean (a) number of stationary events, (b) duration of time at each stationary event, (c) distance between stationary event locations, and (d) the spatial area of each stationary event location that was visited by GPS tracked western gulls from Southeast Farallon Island (SFI) and Año Nuevo Island (ANI). Activity was differentiated by habitat type for each foraging trip (see Methods). Shown are means ± SE and statistical results are reported in the text. In brief, the effect of habitat type (ocean or land) was significantly different within each population and the differences between populations were significant for time at each stationary event and the area size of each site where gulls were stationary for at least 5 min in an area within 0.5 km radius

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