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Fig. 1

From: Population-level plasticity in foraging behavior of western gulls (Larus occidentalis)

Fig. 1

Tracklines of 61 western gulls (Larus occidentalis) equipped with GPS loggers at two central California colonies. a oceanic trips (n = 90) by gulls from Southeast Farallon Island (SFI); b trips (n = 41) to the coast and urban centers by gulls from SFI; c oceanic trips (n = 42) by gulls from Año Nuevo Island (ANI); and d trips (n = 103) to the coast by gulls from ANI. Red dots delineate the breeding colonies and white dots highlight landfills or food recycling centers visited by the gulls. 1) Recology in South San Francisco, 2) Waste Management in Oakland, and 3) City of Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility

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