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Fig. 1

From: No apparent gain from continuing migration for more than 3000 kilometres: willow warblers breeding in Denmark winter across the entire northern Savannah as revealed by geolocators

Fig. 1

Migration of willow warblers from breeding to wintering grounds (individuals represented by different colours). (a) Migration routes and staging sites. Climatic zones are adjusted from Arbonnier [57]. (b) Individual longitudinal distances to overall mean. (c) Mean longitude and (d) latitude with time for stationary periods. Western detours are shown as mean longitude of the three westernmost positions and the latitude three-quarter distance (arbitrarily chosen) between last European and first winter staging sites. Positions during equinox are excluded (represented by dashed lines connecting stationary periods). In (a), standard deviation of longitude and latitude, respectively, of positions during each stopover estimated using Hill-Ekström calibration are indicated (potential bias in position estimates from calibration method is not included; Additional file 1: Appendix S2–4)

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