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Table 2 Variables used to describe the shape of SES trajectories

From: Three-dimensional space use during the bottom phase of southern elephant seal dives

Variable name Brief description
Mean depth Average depth in the bottom phase.
Total dispersion Sum of the eigenvalues: λ 1+λ 2+λ 3
First main component dispersion Defined as \(\frac {\lambda _{1}}{\lambda _{1} + \lambda _{2} + \lambda _{3}}\)
Vertical and horizontal extent of first main component These two variables describe the extent of SES exploration along the path of the first main component. See details in text.
Vertical and horizontal width These variables quantify the vertical and horizontal spread of the deviations from the first main component path. See details in text.
Swimming speed variability Standard deviation of SES swimming
  speed. See details in text.