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Fig. 3

From: Correlated velocity models as a fundamental unit of animal movement: synthesis and applications

Fig. 3

Change point analysis of the bowhead track in Disko Bay, Greenland (inset map). In the left panels are the estimates of (a) random r.m.s. speed η and (b) time scale τ. On the right panels, estimates of the (c) x and (d) y components of the advective velocity μ. These are non-zero only for those four phases (II, IV, VII, IX) for which the advective CVM was selected over the unbiased CVM. Each color corresponds to a particular phase, matching the mapped track (e), with enumerated phases (legend in panel (e)) reporting whether the movement phase was determined to be unbiased (U) or advective (a). The arrows point to the first location of the four directed phases

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