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Fig. 6

From: A few long versus many short foraging trips: different foraging strategies of lesser kestrel sexes during breeding

Fig. 6

Partial effects of the day-of-year (best GAMM) and the interaction between sex and day-of-year (second best GAMM) on lesser kestrel body mass. A penalized smoothing spline with 7.52° of freedom was adjusted to day-of-year in the best GAMM fitted to lesser kestrel body mass (a). Penalized smoothing splines of 3.88 and 5.26° of freedom were adjusted to day-of-year for females (b) and males (c), respectively, resulted from the second best GAMM fitted to kestrel body mass. Grey shading represents the standard error of the mean effect. The dashed lines show the mean starting days of courtship, incubation and nestling periods. Sample size = 275 individual body masses

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