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Table 1 Results of likelihood ratio tests used to test the effect of migration distance on wing morphology using the high point method

From: Migration distance as a selective episode for wing morphology in a migratory insect

Response variable χ2 df p Distance parameter estimate 95% confidence interval
Wing Area 5.62 1 0.02 0.0124 0.0022, 0.0226
Wing Length 5.20 1 0.02 3.966e-4 5.577e-5, 7.374e-4
Roundness 1.99 1 0.159 3.084e-6 −1.21e-6, 7.38e-6
Aspect Ratio 0.19 1 0.659 1.89e-6 −6.52e-6, 1.03e-5
  1. For each wing morphology response variable, a global linear mixed effects model was constructed with sex, mean maximum daily temperature and migration distance as fixed effects, and year as a random effect. Distance was then removed from each model and compared to the global model using a likelihood ratio test. The χ 2 test statistic was used to calculate the p-value for each likelihood ratio test