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Fig. 6 | Movement Ecology

Fig. 6

From: Identification of animal movement patterns using tri-axial magnetometry

Fig. 6

a The complete rotation of a DD with TriMag sensor about its yaw axes on a level surface (blue circle; centre) creates the Normal Operational Plane (NOP, dashed outline). The tag was tilted −90° and 90° in both its pitch and roll axes and the full yaw rotation repeated (cf. Fig. 4). This shows how the specific pattern of data on the m-sphere, or the ‘m-print’ of the behaviour, here created by a rotation, moves across the surface of the m-sphere as posture is altered (dark grey m-print rings correspond to rotations in pitch postures; pink m-print rings correspond to rotations in roll postures). b The centres of these rings on the surface of the m-sphere are 90° from the NOP corresponding to the 90° tilts in posture

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