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Fig. 3 | Movement Ecology

Fig. 3

From: Morphometrics and stable isotopes differentiate wintering populations of a migratory bird

Fig. 3

Discriminant analysis ordination for oenanthe females from different study sites using morphometric measurements only or morphometric and isotopic measurements combined. Morphometrics only: LD1 = −0.53*Tarsus-0.32*Wing chord-0.41*Bill length + 2.36*Bill width + 2.79*Bill depth-4.22*c2-0.57*c3; LD2 = 0.92*Tarsus-0.01*Wing chord-1.30*Bill length + 3.15*Bill width-2.78*Bill depth-2.36*c2 + 0.97*c3. Morphometrics and isotopes: LD1 = −2.68*Tarsus-0.01*Wing chord + 0.89*Bill length-1.31*Bill width + 1.97*Bill depth-5.63*c2-6.80*c3-0.10*δ2H + 0.56*δ15N + 0.00*δ13C; LD2 = 0.02*Tarsus + 0.09*Wing chord-0.89*Bill length-0.99*Bill width + 0.36*Bill depth + 2.90*c2-0.39*c3 + 0.04*δ2H + 0.54*δ15N-1.02*δ13C. Red: Mauritania/Mali, blue: Niger, black: Kenya

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