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Fig. 1

From: Morphometrics and stable isotopes differentiate wintering populations of a migratory bird

Fig. 1

Map of the study sites in sub-Saharan Africa. Area 1 represents Mauritania/Mali, area 2 represents Niger and area 3 represents Kenya. M1: Boucle de Baoulé (14.31°N; 8.18°W); M2: 30 km S of Nioro (15.03°N; 9.37°W); M3: 20 km N of Nioro (15.37°N; 9.43°W); M4: 80 km W of Ayoun (16.43°N; 10.36°W); M5: Massif de Bellar (17.38°N; 11.98°W); M6: 30 km E of Aleg (17.29°N; 13.71°W); N1: Tibiri (13.58°N; 7.04°E); N2: Takieta (13.69°N; 8.58°E); N3: Tanout (14.61°N; 8.75°E); N4: Abalak (15.42°N; 6.19°E); N5: Awillikiss (14.24°N; 5.36°E); K1: Mpala Research Centre (0.33°N; 36.90°E)

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