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Table 1 Average adult female weights of lion prey species detected during monthly Western Corridor census surveys [98]

From: Landscape-level movement patterns by lions in western Serengeti: comparing the influence of inter-specific competitors, habitat attributes and prey availability

Common name Scientific name Weight (kg)
Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis 800
Buffalo Syncerus caffer 450
Zebra Equus quagga 250
Wildebeest Connochaetes taurinus 170
Topi Damaliscus lunatus 120
Waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus 180
Warthog Phacochoerus aethiopicusafricanus 60
Grant’s gazelle Nanger granti 55
Impala Aepyceros melampus 50
Thomson’s gazelle Eudorcas thomsonii 20
Olive baboon Papio anubis 20