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Table 2 Details of environmental variables used as predictors in the analysis of first-passage time (FPT) of two waterfowl species in southern Africa

From: Exploring the environmental drivers of waterfowl movement in arid landscapes using first-passage time analysis

  Source Units Spatial resolution Temporal resolution Earth Engine Layer
NDVI Normalised difference vegetation index NDVI = (NIR – R)/(NIR + R) MODIS terra   250 m 16-day composite MODIS/MCD43A4_NDVI
mNDWI Modified normalised difference water index mNDWI = (G-MIR)/(G + MIR) MODIS terra   250 m 16-day composite MODIS/MCD43A4
Precip Rainfall TRMM mm/h 0.25° 3 hourly TRMM/3B42
Temp Land surface temperature MODIS Kelvin (Convert to °C) 1 km Daily MODIS/MYD11A1
Elev Elevation NASA Meters above sea level 0.9 km N/A CGIAR/SRTM90_V4