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Table 2 Prior probability distributions for all parameters estimated

From: A path reconstruction method integrating dead-reckoning and position fixes applied to humpback whales

Parameter Description Prior
σ x Process error standard deviation, x-dimension Unif(0, 0.1)
σ y Process error standard deviation, y-dimension Unif(0, 0.1)
v cor x,1 Initial velocity correction, x-dimension Unif(−1, 1)
v cor y,1 Initial velocity correction, y-dimension Unif(−1, 1)
x x,1 Initial whale position, x-dimension (1) t(0, σ F x,q , υ F x,q )
Initial whale position, x-dimension (2) N(0, R 1 σ r m /100)
x y,1 Initial whale position, y-dimension (1) t(0, σ F y,q , υ F y,q )
Initial whale position, y-dimension (2) N(0, R 1 σ r m /100)
  1. Uniform priors were assumed for σ and v cor1 . Prior distributions for the initial unobserved whale position x 1 reflected our prior knowledge about the accuracy of the initial observed position (at coordinates x = 0, y = 0). These priors therefore depended upon whether the position was observed (1) using Fastloc-GPS or (2) visually. Values for the priors on σ and v cor1 are in metres per second