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Table 1 Details for accordance between GPS and dead-reckoned positions prior to and post correction procedure for data derived from animals using DDs recording tri-axial acceleration and tri-axial magnetic field strength, with 12-bit resolution, at a sampling frequency of 20 Hz with GPS loggers (iGotU GT-120, Mobile Action Technology) recording at 0.2 Hz. Devices (61 g) were collar-mounted in the dogs, and placed on the saddle pad above the withers in the horse

From: Step by step: reconstruction of terrestrial animal movement paths by dead-reckoning

Subject Mean Error before correction (m) Mean Error after correction (m)
Dog 1 591 0.13
Dog 2 653 0.11
Dog 3 480 0.53
Horse 1204 0.39
Mean 731.0 0.29
St. Dev 322.5 0.20