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Table 3 Predictor variables used in random forest models showing the spatial scales at which each variable was analysed

From: Proximate cues to phases of movement in a highly dispersive waterfowl, Anas superciliosa

Predictor Variable Abbreviation Spatial Resolution
Maximum Daily Relative Humidity (%) Humidity 0.30 (~33 km)
Minimum Daily Atmospheric Pressure (Pa) MinPress 0.30 (~33 km)
Maximum Daily Solar Exposure (MJ/m2) SolarEx 0.050 (~5 km)
Maximum Daily Temperature (°C) Tmax 0.050 (~5 km)
Minimum Daily Temperature (°C) Tmin 0.050 (~5 km)
Local Rainfall in Past 7 days (mm) Rain_Week 0.050 (~5 km)
Local Rainfall in Past 3 Weeks (mm) Rain_3Wks 0.050 (~5 km)
Local Monthly Rainfall (mm) Rain_Month 0.050 (~5 km)
NDVI Monthly (index 0–1) NDVI 0.050 (~5 km)