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Table 1 Description of the variables used in the models. stBT was used as the dependent variable (vFI), HS, MT or RT as the predictors of interest (hFIs) in separate models and the remaining variables as covariates

From: The intensity of horizontal and vertical search in a diving forager: the harbour seal

  Name Type Description
vFI stBT continuous standardized bottom time, [0, 1]
hFIs HS continuous horizontal speed (m/s)
MT categorical movement type, 0 = extensive, 1 = intensive movements
RT continuous residence time index (h)
Covariates Depth* continuous mean dive depth (m)
RestingD* categorical 0 = 50 % of time or less resting while diving, 1 = more than 50 % of time resting while diving
Ptactic* categorical 0 = 50 % or less of benthic dives, 1 = more than 50 % of benthic dives
Direction categorical ‘inward’ = persistent decreasing distance from a haul-out site ending within 2 km of it, ‘outward’ = persistent increasing distance from a haul-out site starting from within 2 km of it, ‘other’ = no persistent directionality and not starting or ending within 2 km from a haul-out site
  1. *The values are summary statistics of dive characteristics per trajectory segment