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Table 2 Summary of the primary rescaled (i.e., non-dimensional) variables in our analyses and their interpretations

From: Spatial memory-based behaviors for locating sources of odor plumes

Symbol Interpretation
x,y Down- and cross-stream positions, respectively
t Time
x source Upwind position of source
Q Emission rate of detectable puffs
\(\bar {U}\equiv 1\) Constant component of wind speed
K≡1 Eddy diffusivity
σ 2x Plume width parameter
U gust Magnitude parameter for gusts
r gust Mean rate of changes in gust direction
V Moth flight speed
ρ puff Mean number of puffs detected per transit
r puff Detection radius for puffs
r source Detection radius for source
  1. Symbols used in only one section of the analysis are defined in that section and omitted from this table. Scaling is with respect to the length scale, \(L = {K^{*} \over \bar {U^{*}}}\) and the time scale \(T = {K^{*} \over \bar {U^{*}}^{2}}\). See Section “Simulated plume geometry” for additional details.