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Table 1 Summary of symbols for the primary variables in physical units and their interpretations

From: Spatial memory-based behaviors for locating sources of odor plumes

Symbol Interpretation
t Time
x ,y Down- and cross-stream positions, respectively
\(x^{*}_{\textit {source}}\) Upwind position of source
Q Emission rate of detectable puffs
\(\bar {U^{*}}\) Constant component of wind speed
K Eddy diffusivity
σ 2 Plume width parameter
\(U^{*}_{\textit {gust}}\) Magnitude parameter for gusts
\(r^{*}_{\textit {gust}}\) Mean rate of changes in gust direction
V Moth flight speed
\(\rho ^{*}_{\textit {puff}}\) Mean number of puffs detected per transit
\(r^{*}_{\textit {puff}}\) Detection radius for puffs
\(r^{*}_{\textit {source}}\) Detection radius for source
  1. Symbols used in only one section of the analysis are defined in that section and omitted from this table.