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Figure 8

From: Spatial memory-based behaviors for locating sources of odor plumes

Figure 8

Performance metrics of simulated male moths seeking a pheromone source: variation with memory timescale, τ, and advance parameter, \(\boldsymbol {c^{*}_{1}}\). Data and simulation parameters are as in Figure 6. Left: Search success probability, P success ; middle: time-based efficiency, E time ; right: distance-based efficiency, E distance . Values near 1 (warm colors) indicated good performance; values near 0 (cool colors) indicate poor performance. In all three plots, the horizontal axis represents memory timescale parameter, τ, and the vertical axis represents the advance parameter \(c^{*}_{1}\). Note the tradeoffs among metrics: The regions of this parameter space maximising success probability corresponds to behaviors with poor efficiency metrics. Conversely, behaviors maximizing the two efficiency metrics (for successful searches) substantially overlap; however, both correspond to regions of relatively low success probabilities.

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