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Table 2 Sample of ecological animal movement studies that apply remotely-sensed products

From: Opportunities for the application of advanced remotely-sensed data in ecological studies of terrestrial animal movement

Land cover Terrain Infrastructure Climate Weather Phenology/ Productivity Species Data origin (when available; multiple layers in bold) Reference
Small scale (e.g., daily movement, residence time, side fidelity, corridors)
X X      Woodland caribou LANDSAT, DEMa [12]
X X X   X   Elk Snow water equivalents, DEMw, roadsw, habitatw [124]
X X X     Bison Vegetation cover type, geothermal layersb, DEM [44]
X X X     Roe deer SPOT, DEMc, digitized aerial photographs [50]
X   X     Elk LANDSAT v [34]
X   X   X X African elephant LANDSAT, TRMM, MODIS (EVI) [35]
X X      Moose Ecoforest maps, DEM [13]
X X X     Brown bear CORINE, DEMu, human featuresu [42]
X X X     Gray wolf LANDSATd, DEMe [39]
X       North Island robin digitized aerial photographs, satellite images [24]
X X X     Grizzly bear LANDSATf, vegetation inventory data, fire-history maps, DEM [51]
X       Lion digitized water wholes [19]
X X X    X African elephant digitized static features, DEMg, SPOT (NDVI) [40]
   X    X Jaguar Roadsh, MODIS c (NDVI) [125]
X   X     American marten color-infrared aerial photographs [15]
X       Barred Antshrikes, Rufous-naped Wrens infrared imagesg, orthorectified using DEM [126]
X   X     Black bear LANDSAT, color orthophotos, stream water layerc, topographic maps [52]
      X Mule deer MODIS m (NDVI) [16]
X       Lion LiDARs [110]
Coarse/seasonal scale (e.g., seasonal range change, migration, dispersal)
  X     X Wildebeest DEM, GTOPO30c, AVHRR/NOAA (NDVI) [127]
      X Red deer NOAA (NDVI) [128]
  X   X   X Serengeti Wildebeest DEM, SRTM, LANDSAT, NOAA, SPOT (NDVI) [58]
      X Elk MODIS (NDVI) [66]
      X Five migratory bird speciesj,k AVHRR/NOAA (NDVI) [60]
      X Mongolian gazelle MODIS (NDVI) [129]
  X   X   X Saiga antelope DEM, SRTMi, MODIS (NDVI); WorldClim database (precipitation) [68]
X      X Migratory birds LANDSAT [14]
X X   X    Roe deer EEA-Corine Land cover, CGIAR-DEM/SRTM, NASA-ASTER relative DEM, MODIS (snow) [38]
     X   Great snipes NCEP/NCAR provided by NOAA/OAR/ESRL PSDr (wind) [30]
      X Four migratory ungulate speciesl AVHRR/NOAA, GIMMS (NDVI) [31]
  X      Red deer DEMt [130]
  X    X   Golden Eagle, Turkey vulture DEM, GTOPO30, NARR o (wind, temperature) [29]
     X   Common swift NCEP/NCAR provided by NOAA/OAR/ESRL PSDr (wind) [17]
X   X X   X African buffalo MODIS (EVI, tree coverp), TRMMn, MODIS o (fire), vegetation mapq [41]
X    X   X Bobolink MODIS (NDVI), SPOT x, water content estimates y [59]
Small and coarse scale
      X African elephant AVHRR/NOAA, SPOT (NDVI) [61]
      X Sheep MODIS (NDVI) [67]
  1. LAND COVER: vegetation, water, streams, forest age, cutblocks, seral stages; TERRAIN: elevation, slope, aspect, ruggedness, solar radiation, soil wetness; INFRASTRUCTURE: roads, buildings, borders, fences, trails; CLIMATE/WEATHER: wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature, cloud; PHENOLOGY/PRODUCTIVITY: NDVI, EVI, tree cover, fire; aBritish Columbia Ministry of Crown Lands; bThe Watershed Institute (California State University, Monterey Bay, USA), National Hydrographic Dataset; cUSGS; dFoothills Research Institute Grizzly Bear Research Program; eBanff and Kootenay National Park; fAlberta Vegetation Inventory; gNASA, CARTA program; hSelva Maya Zoque y Olmeca database; iSurface Radar Topography Mission; jRinging data; kLesser Whitethroat, Whitethroat, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler; lbarren-ground caribou, Mongolian gazelle, guanacos, moose; mWyoming View; n; oNational Deneter for Environ Predict; pWegmann et al., unpublished data; qMendelsohn 1997, An environmental profile and atlas of Caprivi. Windhoek, Namibia: Gamsberg Macmilian; rBoulder, Colorado, USA,; sCarnegie Airborne Observatory, tNational Mapping Agency of Norway, uLantmäteriet Sweden, vAlberta Sustainable Resource Development, wSpatial Analysis Center at Yellowstone National Park, x, y