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Figure 2

From: The dual role of rivers in facilitating or hindering movements of the false heath fritillary butterfly

Figure 2

Movement parameters of the false heath fritillary. Marginal prior and posterior distributions of the model parameters among the three populations and those of the generalised movement model for Finland. Medians and 95% credibility intervals for males (females) are displayed with squares (circles) and continuous (dashed) lines. The parameter k (dimensionless) measures the habitat preference for a given habitat type relative to that in the breeding habitat, the diffusion parameter D (m2 day−1) measures the rate of movement, the parameter m (day−1) is the mortality rate, and the parameter p (dimensionless) is the capture probability. The subscripts BH, HQM, LQM and R stand for breeding habitat, high-quality matrix, low-quality matrix and the river.

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