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Table 1 Results of model selection for the effect of two snow variables on the probability that 9 snowy owls entered into a searching behavioural state during their pre-breeding prospecting movements in northern Canada in 2008, 2009 and 2010

From: Is pre-breeding prospecting behaviour affected by snow cover in the irruptive snowy owl? A test using state-space modelling and environmental data annotated via Movebank

Variable tested Model df ΔAIC logLik Deviance
snow cover snow cover 5 0 −1671 3343
null 4 12.5 −1679 3357
snow depth snow depth 5 0 −347.3 694.7
null 4 6.0 −351.3 702.7
  1. In all models, individual’s ID and year (nested in animal ID) were included as random factors (n = 661 locations).