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Figure 3

From: Daily activity budgets reveal a quasi-flightless stage during non-breeding in Hawaiian albatrosses

Figure 3

Non-breeding season patterns in daily activity of laysan and black-footed albatross from Midway. Partial residual plots of daily patterns in non-breeding activity for laysan and black-footed albatross. Estimated smoothing functions (solid lines) with 95% point-wise confidence intervals (delineated by the grey shaded area) estimated from the proportion of daily time spent floating on the water’s surface (top panel), engaged in sustained flight (middle panels) and actively foraging (bottom panels) smoothed by the days since colony departure (DSD). The relationship differed significantly between species for sustained flight and active foraging bouts although the general pattern over time is similar. Vertical lines depict the average duration of each non-breeding phase, with outbound transit followed by arrival day at the first overwinter area, and then inbound transit initiation (mean ± SD).

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