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Figure 5

From: On the duality between interaction responses and mutual positions in flocking and schooling

Figure 5

Directional correlation delay vs. position in the group. Each boxplot represents the distribution of directional correlation delays τ over simulated trajectories. The box on the left indicates trajectories in which the focal individual was in front; while the box on the right indicates those where the focal individual was behind. In our convention, positive values of the correlation delay τ indicate that the focal individual anticipates the changes of direction of its partner. When the individuals fly in a front-back configuration, measures of directional correlation indicate that the individual in front anticipates the turns of its neighbour. Left Individuals flying in a front-back configuration, temporal autocorrelation of the noise is short (C D =20 steps); 120 simulated trajectories. Right Same simulation parameters as for the figure on the left, but with longer temporal autocorrelation of noise (C D =100 steps). Note that in this case the variability is extremely reduced and τ was equal to ±1 in all but one simulation.

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