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Figure 1

From: Consequences of animal interactions on their dynamics: emergence of home ranges and territoriality

Figure 1

Graphical representation to infer the average size of an individual home range L from movement data gathered within a square observation window of size G 2 . The three sigmoidal curves in red, black and blue are generated by plotting, respectively, the 2d analogue Eq. (11) with the potential \(U(x)/D=\left \{\text {erf}\left [ \sqrt {6\pi /11}(x/L+1/2)\right ]-\text {erf}\left [ \sqrt {6\pi /11}(x/L-1/2)\right ]\right \}\), Eq. (14) with \(U(x)/D=\ln \left (1+2x^{2}/L^{2}\right)^{3}\), and Eq. (13) when U(x)/D=x 2/L 2, and their corresponding equivalent along the orthogonal axis.

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