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Table 4 Explanatory variables

From: Movement patterns of an arboreal marsupial at the edge of its range: a case study of the koala

Variable Type Full description
Sex Categorical Sex of each animal
Tree condition Scale Average condition (scale 1 [poor] to 6, based on dieback) of the trees used by each koala – calculated from the ‘tree use’ dataset
Total Nitrogen Continuous Soil total nitrogen content within home ranges - derived from geology mapping of Queensland (The Queensland combined soils dataset)
Annual rainfall Continuous Average annual rainfall (mm) for each site
2 month rainfall Continuous Totalled rainfall (mm) at each site 2 months prior to each koala being collared
Temperature Continuous Average annual min/max temp (°C) at each site
Edge distance Continuous Distance (km) of each site from the western edge of the koala’s geographical range – measured in ArcGIS 10 (ESRI, Australia) using koala distribution maps
Freestanding water Categorical Availability of freestanding water (no water, creek water, dam water)
Bioregion Categorical Bioregion (Mulga Lands, Mitchell Grass Downs, Brigalow Belt South)
Basin Categorical Basin (Warrego, Moonie, Balonne-Condamine)
Catchment Categorical Catchment (Mungallala, Warrego, Condamine, Moonie)
  1. Description of explanatory variables used to determine the influence of koala home range sizes.